Here you will find the many services I can provide, including announcements (birth, wedding, …), custom gifts and communication.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Illustration, drawing, art is, by definition, what you make of it. You can apply an artistic approach to an infinity of ideas and projects. Maybe you don’t need a paper announcement but a mural sticker, or an embroidered backpack instead of a printed t-shirt.
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A dying art ! Announcements, whatever they may announce, is a traditional and original way to share some news.


Pika Illustration, announcement, birth
Birth announcements

This square one-fold birth announcement is made of one continuous illustration that you can read like a little book.

Birth announcement made by Le Pika in Liège, Belgium
Pika Illustration, announcement, birth

For the second birth announcement for this family, I kept the idea of animal characters and added the little Wolf proudly telling his friends about his little sister’s arrival.

Wedding….and birth

A special project here : a friend of the lovebirds asked me for a congratulation postcard. Said lovebirds liked it so much they asked to use my drawing as a Thank You card for the guests.

Wedding invitation in Belgium

They came back to me later for the birth announcement of their first child. So we created something that kept the continuity with the previous drawing… and did it again for their second child !

Pika Illustration, invitation, cat, bike
Pika Illustration, invitation, cat, bike-1
Pika Illustration, invitation, cat, bike-2

That’s the kind of project that makes me utterly happy : original, quirky and sensitive, telling a beautiful story.

For your own announcements, invitations or thank you cards, just write to me!

Custom gifts

The saying goes “it’s the thought that counts”. With a custom gift, both your intention and my care merge together for more originality and relevance.

What’s the difference between supermarket gifts and custom gifts ? Just think about the difference between getting an email… and getting a handwritten letter. There’s choosing the paper or card, envelope and stamp, there’s picking a pen and choosing the words and taking the time.
We love to offer unique gifts filled with love, energy and affection. A private joke only you two can get, the story of how you met, the very private nickname you only give each other, those are the defining moments of your relationship and I can illustrate them for you. Custom gifts can come in the shape of postcards, printed clothing or even mugs with your portraits.

Custom clothing design

The Unicorn, personalized gift illustrated by Le Pika
Illustration, cat, unicorn, pharmacist

A gift from a daughter to her pharmacist mother : cat dressed up as a unicorn wearing a pharmacist coat, printed on an eco-friendly sweatshirt.
All ideas can come true, we just need to talk about it together !

Custom gift design

A gift from parents to their daughter’s teachers as a thank you for their involvement and kindness towards the little girl’s education and well-being.

Personalized gift designed by Le Pika
Illustration, Mug, Rocket

The spaceship was developped in three different versions and was printed on ceramic mugs like the ones you can find on my online shop LePikashop.
Contact me for your projects and let’s see where our imaginations can take us !


Posters for contests or events, invitation cards, folders, leaflets, Facebook banner, logo, etc.

But whas is “digital communication” ? What are “visual media” ?

I use the words “visual media” to talk about anything allowing us to share, communicate, give information in a creative way. Posters, flyers, business cards, invitation cards, basically anything you can touch.

I use the words “digital communication” to talk about an ever changing discipline. In my artistic activity, it means anything you will put on the internet : profile pictures, banners, covers, logo, icons or specific illustrations to make your website absolutely unique. Basically anything you see on a screen.

Are you in need of a custom logo to launch your business ? I can totally do that, with the pika-touch. My specialty is to play with words and create imagery with several layers of meaning. I can create your logo and elements of your corporate identity and style guide.

Please note that my speciality is illustration, which is basically drawing with my own two hands on paper. I’m might be a self-taught graphic designer but it is not a speciality, it is a work in progress. Every professional has their own field of expertise and I won’t hesitate to suggest you seek the assistance of another professional with their own expertise, if I feel I wouldn’t be the most suitable artist for your project. But your illustrator can also be working hand in hand with your graphic designer !

Facebook banner and logo

Bannière Facebook
Logo Live the magic of hypersensitivity
Facebook banner and logo. Illustration, first by hand, then vectorized and colorized on Illustrator.

Contest posters

Poster for the 2013 New Police Competition
Poster for the 2014 New Police Competition

Here are my two winning posters, used for publicity for a Belgian crime short-story writing contest. The first one is a photograph that I retouched on Photoshop and added the contest’s theme over it. Can you read it ?
The second one is a pretty basic typo design with the H highlighted. The theme was “tranchées” wich means “trenches” but can also mean “slices”.

Concerts posters and invitations

Poster for the 2014 Christmas concert in Malmedy (Belgium)
Poster for the 2016 Christmas concert in Malmedy (Belgium)
Pika illustration, Christmas concert invitation, Malmedy
Pika illustration, Christmas concert invitation, Malmedy
Pika illustration, Christmas concert invitation, Malmedy
Pika illustration, Christmas concert invitation, Malmedy
Posters for several Christmas Concerts for the Royale Harmonie la Fraternité music society Christmas concerts.


French Fantasy Show Poster
Folder magazine French Fantasy 01
Folder magazine French Fantasy 02

3-fold, 6-sides folder for the French Fantaisie revue. This is basically collage and page setting on Photoshop with pictures, typographies and some effects for fun.