The Online Shop

This is the place to find all your best gifts, often funny and always original ! Most clothes are eco-friendly and available in sizes from 2XS to 2XL. You can find matching mugs in the mugs category. They too are available in several colors to put some joy in our lives ! Note that everything is customizable, you just need to ask.

The Illustration and Screenprinting categories offer original products, original as in : the real deal, but you can also find more affordable, numbered and signed high quality prints

The Û label by Pika de liège

Remember the multi-passionate part ? I am developing my own brand of clothes, theÜ, and it is a big part of my artistic activity. theÜ is the logo you will find on most of the clothes available on the webshop and the custom clothes you order. I try my best to work with eco-friendly products, mostly the Stanley Stella manufacturer.
For the more local of you, you can find some collections IRL in two shops in the sweet little town of Malmedy, Belgium.


Sweatshirts & Hoodies


Screen printing