Hello to you and welcome in my Universe !

I’m Floriane, or Pika, Belgian illustrator, creative mind and multi-passionate.
I started drawing at a young age, guided by my mother, also an artist. After high school, I hesitated between librarian or forest ranger studies, so obviously I ended up at the Royal High-Arts Academy in Liège where I followed a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree to become an illustrator. Since graduating in 2016, I also taught myself to use a tablet and computer to draw and I am constantly developing my skills in graphic design.

I care a lot about putting meaning in my creations, whether they be cute and colorful or dark and sober. I like to switch styles between simple, comic-like lines, or hyper realist dot art. Something I particularly like is to use humor but it’s not invariable. My watchwords are sensitivity, subtlety and for your orders, it’s listening that matters most.

Did you say multi-passionate ? Well yes ! Illustration is one of the many aspects of my artistic activity ! You can proceed to My services of custom creation or go to the online shop to discover your new favorite clothes, because I also created a brand : theÜ.

“What can she do for me?” are you wondering.
“I need more information and maybe some advice”, are you whispering.
“I already know what I want and I want it now !” are you shouting at your screen.
Write. To. Me.

The Pika, illustration in Liège, Belgium


Birth announcement, Le Pika


Personalized gift designed by Le Pika

Custom gifts

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The Shop

The online shop LePikaShop is an Etsy shop where you can buy my creations. You’ll find theÜ clothes there but also special mugs, illustrations (the original ones or reproductions) and screen printings.
A-Mour t-shirt, on sale on Pika Shop
Mug, Drole de Djin


Dot art illustration - razor - to shave or not to shave? - feminist question - Le pika



Remember the multi-passionate part I mentioned earlier ? Well, one of those passions is actually writing. I love playing with words in my drawings, playing with the meanings of words. Drawing and writing are often complementary in my work. This blog is the perfect place to bring you deep into my universe and tell you the stories of my creations, the stages, difficulties and joys. Those articles are like parts of me that I share because I feel like sharing is a value we should cultivate more.

Don’t want to read ? No problem. Also it’s probably better because I have not yet translated the blog. My creations are supposed to speak for themselves… unless I missed something.

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